Monday, January 11, 2010

Road Trains Trucks, Western Australia, Australian Outback, Photography

Road Trains Trucks
Road trains are an integral part of the Australian Outback, just like kangaroos, red dust and endless horizons.


Serious road trains, are the ones with three or more trailers. Road trains are restricted to the Australian Outback regions.

A proper "Road Train Truck" has two, three or more normal trailers, connected by converter dollies.

Passing a road train on the dirt road can be tricky, remember you won’t be able to see anything for a while.  Sometimes is better, just stop and wait till truck pass, and dust clear up.
A road train may be over 50 metres long and can weigh up to 200 tonnes and more!
200 tonnes moving at speed of 110 km/h  aren't going to stop in a hurry. Those monsters can't even slow down or change direction in a hurry, so don't expect them to do so because you'll end up in trouble and guess who'll win?


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Road Trains Trucks, Western Australia, Australian Outback, Photography

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